I begin with the impulse to touch. It is a simple desire for connection ­- with a forest, a body of water, a sheet of plastic, a lump of dough, my own child. Thinking through and with my body is vital to my work. I learn by tracing, holding, wrapping, cutting, eating, wrestling, mimicking, surrendering. Dialogues emerge as I agitate the boundary between self and other in a hungry attempt to bring what is outside in; to become. It is always a struggle, and I fail often. But the desire persists.

I cannot know the world or myself except through my body. Every gesture, be it a drawing, painting or performance, begins there. Using open-ended, experience-based inquiry about objects and subjects I explore ideas of entanglement, interdependence and agency through a variety of media. Some encounters are humorous, pointing to everyday struggles with the laws of physics and the futility of trying to control or connect with things that are not oneself. Some are intimate, and occasionally uncomfortable. All are moments of unapologetic materiality.