I begin with the impulse to touch. Touch calls forth attention as my body’s surface encounters and must negotiate an other. Then comes holding, wrapping, tracing, wrestling, managing, surrendering. I try to understand each object’s body - its weight and its relationship to gravity, its internal structure. How it rests, how it moves, resists, acquiesces, remembers. A dialogue emerges.

My work exists somewhere between sculpture, performance, installation and video. Proceeding without a plan, various media are used to record and observe the development of a relationship between myself and a material. Some encounters are humorous, pointing to everyday struggles with the laws of physics and the futility of trying to control or connect with things that are not oneself. Some are intimate, and occasionally unsettling. All are moments of unapologetic materiality.

With an increasingly digital and isolated experience of life (and art), the sense of touch, of physically encountering what is outside of myself, is vital to my practice. The materials I choose vary in nature, ranging from “sticky” things that cling, to those that witness and document my body’s movements but remain detached. As my body feels its way toward knowing, tasks and questions are generated and folded back into the work. Using open­-ended, experience-­based inquiry about objects and subjects I challenge the mind/body and self/other binaries, choosing instead to explore ideas of entanglement and interdependence. Some materials resist, some willingly submit, and some seem to play along. Each records or erases the traces of our engagement in accordance with its nature.